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Get in the Game: Personal Branding for People Over 50

...personal branding is nuanced and takes on different areas of focus depending on where you are in your career ...

Fix the Leadership / Power Gap

" Identify the 20 accomplishments and achievements that you’re most proud of, that moved the needle for your organization and made a big difference, and leverage those accomplishments. And learn how to talk about what you do well." 

Apres Group

Near and dear to my heart is Apres Group - solidly focused on helping women navigate the ins/outs/returns of their careers. I am proud to be affiliated with them to bring employers onto the site and promote their opportunities to this demographic.

Podcast Motivation

This podcast is a must if you are considering a change, big or small - starting a business, returning to work, leveling up at work - personal disruption. START with #80 go to #100 - you wont be disappointed!

Best Companies, Jobs and Training

America's Best Employers for Women 2020 - Forbes

Hot off the press; women friendly / working parent friendly employers. YES! 

Google offers 100,000 Training Scholarships - From Project Management to Tech, Google is stepping up to the plate to develop talent now. Scholarships? Yes please!


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