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FREE Cyber Security Training Information Panel and Full Stack Academy are hosting a panel discussion on the opportunities and training available to break into Cyber Security as a profession. Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing and in most demand positions in the job market. 

FREE - Content Marketing Course with HUBSPOT

Content Marketing is in high demand - this course from HubSpot will provide teach you  - earn your certificate now!

Get in the Game: Personal Branding for People Over 50

...personal branding is nuanced and takes on different areas of focus depending on where you are in your career ...

2021 Top Priorities for Recruiters

When you are in job search mode, understanding the priorities and pressures facing the recruiting team can be very helpful. Lean what's driving them so you can best position yourself!

Fix the Leadership / Power Gap

" Identify the 20 accomplishments and achievements that you’re most proud of, that moved the needle for your organization and made a big difference, and leverage those accomplishments. And learn how to talk about what you do well." 

Apres Group - Jobs Board - Resources

Near and dear to my heart is Apres Group - solidly focused on helping women navigate the ins/outs/returns of their careers. I am proud to be affiliated with them to bring employers onto the site and promote their opportunities to this demographic.

Podcast Motivation

This podcast is a must if you are considering a change, big or small - starting a business, returning to work, leveling up at work - personal disruption. START with #80 go to #100 - you wont be disappointed!

Best Companies, Jobs and Training

Links to Companies and Opportunities

America's Best Employers for Women 2021 - Forbes

Hot off the press; women friendly / working parent friendly employers. YES! 

From LinkedIn - 15 Jobs Hiring Now

These jobs are seeking high volumes of applicants - do your skills overlap? Contact me to discuss how you can best position yourself to get hired!

Free Webinars

Shine a light on transferable skills and where they belong in your job search. Apres Group

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