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Tips you Can Use to Find a New Job

There is nothing like the energy boost at the turn of the year. The holidays come to pass, the kids return to school be it virtually or in-person! and there you are, energized to tackle a few goals in the coming year. Is this the year? After nearly 2 years of treading water through this pandemic, is it your time to reignite your career?

Weather you have been out of the workforce for a while, or looking to upshift/downshift or pivot to a new position - the Harvard Business Review has done a fantastic job laying out key steps to finding that new opportunity:

It takes effort and at times, A LOT of effort. You can navigate through quite easily when you break things down into simple steps - doing so lessons the intimidation, doesn't overwhelm and helps build confidence as you celebrate each small accomplishment along the way. Read through the tips, pick an area to work on - revamping your resume, leveling up your networking or getting comfortable being on video - and identify 3 simple things you can accomplish to move your ball forward. For example working on your resume you can: 1) add your latest work experience, volunteer position and certifications 2) craft a summary statement focused on your next career objective 3) rewrite bullet points to highlight results and value adds.

The point - just start, make small strides and don't forget to cheer yourself on as you work through the list to your opportunity!

Happy to help and cheer you along the way!

~ Fran

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