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Let’s Get You Started!

Three simple steps to start you on your way.

Congratulations - If you are here, then you have already started! Maybe you have been thinking about this for years, maybe you need to, or maybe the current Covid-19 crisis has you thinking that you too want to return to something, your back to work.

Let’s get you started and put some structure to your thoughts!

Taking time to think and dream:

It may come across as simple, but taking the time to reflect on why you want to return to work sets the stage for designing your personal path. Are you frustrated or unfulfilled? Do you miss the professional you, the intellectual teamwork and feeling of producing something? Does the idea of building financial independence drive you? Do you need to go back to work to support yourself or your family? Are you feeling lost, inadequate or unproductive? We all know staying home to run a household is productive, but deep down inside, we can also long for more. Grab a notebook and write down your thoughts, you’ll be amazed!

  • What is motivating you

  • What excites you - solving a complex problem, working on a team, etc.

  • What do you see yourself doing - interacting with others, research, etc.

  • How do you see yourself doing it - work from home, structured corporate, etc.

  • What was your last professional experience -

Start talking about it:

That’s right, start talking about it. Perhaps this conversation starts with yourself or your spouse or family members but once you start talking about it, it becomes real and it has that added sense of personal accountability. Moreover, it begins the process of building your story, your professional story.

  • Tell yourself your why, aloud

  • Find 3 close friends or family members and tell them

  • Listen to what they say

  • Write down your thoughts and reactions to what you heard

  • Adjust your story and tell 3 more!

Learn or refresh one thing:

It’s as simple as that - grab your computer and search for a free class or video and learn something new or refresh a skill. You’ll find doing this gives you a confidence boost! Here are some examples, but really, anything that motivates you works.

  • Brush up on your Excel skills, or learn it for the 1st time

  • Learn how to run a video conference and share your screen

  • Earn a certificate relevant to your profession - example: accounting

  • Acquaint yourself with Customer Relationship Management (CRM’s) - Salesforce

I am rewarded by helping others begin this journey. You can do this and I am here to help you start!

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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