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Getting to I DID - Finding Motivation in a Two Word Story

Think about it. How many times have you said to yourself or others, I'm gonna. I'm gonna go back and get my masters, I'm gonna start a business, I'm gonna read that book or something as simple as I'm gonna fold the laundry. Do you ever find that there is a disconnect between the I'm gonna and the I DID?

I have struggled with following through for a long time and this year I'm working hard on breaking that cycle and driving towards being able to say I DID - I did start that business, I did take that course, I did speak on that panel, or simply, I did pay all the bills and clean out that closet. Think about what you could accomplish if you drew motivational strength in keeping I DID front of mind.

In my short interview here with author and mindset coach Alia Sobel I discuss the inspiration and motivation behind my two-word story - not the least of which was to launch StartingLine Consulting! I was asked to share a recent situation when this mindset helped me. I had been thinking about starting my consulting work for some time and finally, I knew it was the right thing to do. It wasn't easy bringing this idea forward to my team at Après. Would I be able to weave my Business Development role with my career re-start consulting? It was a big step, I DID it and it has proven to be a positive outcome for both. Change and evolution are not easy, but drawing on your inner strength and reaching out when you need assistance will get you to your I DID!

You can learn more about Alia's amazing work at and Après career resources and partner companies at

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